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Rome Tips...
It’s a good idea to read up a little on where you’re going, especially if this is your first trip to Italy. We enjoy the fantastic benefit of being an international family, with both British and Italian blood coursing through our veins, we feel more qualified than most to give you the lowdown on how to get the best out if your trip to Rome.
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Landmarks and places of interest in Rome are in abundance and most of them are a must see. You can skip the lines for the Vatican Museums if you’re on a tour. Mother-tongue English speaking guides are usually to be found mooching around places of interest and are one of the few good deals you’ll find in the street.

Speaking of deals in the street, if you’re interested in trinkets or "designer" bags and the like, never pay more than about 20% of the vendor’s original asking price. If you’re not into haggling, now is the time to be resolute.

For self catering guests, visit the daily market on the Via Appia Nuova between Colli Albani and Arco di Travertino, where the farmers and other suppliers from the surrounding Lazio towns congregate to sell the finest quality food you’ll find in the city. Better still, take a day trip out to some of the townships of Lazio, where you’ll also find some of the finest sweet white wine in the world flowing more readily than water and more cheaply than coca-cola!

Finally, try to avoid taking taxis in Rome, especially from the airports, as the taxi drivers here are notorious for taking tourists for more than one type of ride.

That’s just a tiny fraction of the assistance we can offer – for more, get booked up at the In Rome Accommodation and we’ll give you all the advice and recommendations you can possibly use up in the time you’re here!

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